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Bill Lowe

Documentary Maker / Former Television Editor


I was raised in Southern California, Long Beach to be exact.  It was a great city to grow up in.  Not too big and the schools were wonderful then. My family was borderline middle class.  Mom, through her tennis, hanged out with the rich at the tennis club.  But Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was our staple. 


Acting always interested me until I attended Long Beach City College where I quickly learned that I was not an actor.  So I decided to try my hand at film making.  To my surprise, I was accepted to USC Film School.  Upon graduation, I looked and looked for work.  One security guard at Disney Studios took a liking to me and got me my first studio interview and I was hired on as a messenger boy. Months later, a secretary to the President of Walt Disney Productions, introduced me to her boss, Ron Miller,  and my career in editing began. 


I worked my way through editing, beginning as an apprentice, then assistant editor and part time animation editor. When the company was attacked by corporate raiders, I received an offer to work on “Magnum PI" over at Universal Studios.  I took it. 


My career as an editor bloomed when I moved over to comedy editing.  I was one of the editors on “Seinfeld."  I was always working, but I never considered myself an A List Editor. 


After 35 years in the industry, my partner, Michael who also worked in the industry, and I moved to Mariposa, California, home to Yosemite National Park where we run the successful Mariposa Butterfly Festival in the spring .   

I am a member of the Rotary and Lions Clubs working to eradicate Polio in Pakistan and distributing wheelchairs to the handicap in the state of Mexico. I support a school for the handicap, Harmony, located outside Mexico City, supplying needed computers to the students and graduates. 

Even though I did not serve in the Military, my passion is making documentaries that supports our servicemen and women, highlighting their struggles with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries,  and the unexceptionable high rate of veteran suicidal rates.


 I donate my time, money and  proceeds to  Tier One Tranquility Base  and other organizations that serve our veterans. 


You can find my television editing credits on

Film projects include:


"The Mariposa Experience"

"Mariposa goes to Mexico"


"Ranchers and Packers"

"Murder Most Suspect"

"It's good to be Back Home"

Veterans' "Unforgotten Memories"


"MCHS Grizzly Experience"

"Pueblo, the untold story"

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